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  • Accelerate setup with the fields autocompletion feature
  • Save time charging regular customers with fully customizable templates
  • Send your invoice via email or messenger in a single click
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Get paid 20%+ faster

Time is money. Collect your receivables faster than ever before

  • A clickable payment link in every invoice you send
  • Finom stays up to date following up on your customers' overdue payments
  • Our free «Pay now» feature lets your customers pay directly from the invoice page

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Keep your books tidy and organized with automatic invoice attachments to your bank account transactions. No more tedious reconciliation: simplify and speed up your bookkeeping process

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Finom is more than just a business account

Free physical & virtual cards

Issue multiple free VISA debit cards with 0% commission

  • ATM withdrawal limit up to € 5 000 per card
  • Issue, limit, top up or block with just a click
  • Google Pay
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Invite your Accountant to Finom to help you manage administration and finances

Give limited or unlimited access to your accountant to check your invoices

Share documents and transactions in just one click

Store all your e-invoices in certified servers thanks to the substitutive conservation

More than 70,000 entrepreneurs have already taken the plunge.

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  • Italian customer service is flawless. Mario was quick and clear.


  • Excellent service and support. Invoicing made easy, for real!

    Filiberto Daidola

  • Very supportive staff and awesome platform for invoicing

    Lilux Dev

  • Finom is way above the average Italian solution for e-invoicing. UX is top notch, UI is extremely user friendly.


  • Great customer service, the experience is related to a backend issue on specific type of invoice, that was fixed in little less than a week, although subscription cost should be a little more competitive.

    Raffaele Serravalle

  • Service is top-notch and customer service is absolutely amazing. The crop of the crop. Shoutout to Jasmine and all the others that helped me so far, people of infinite patience and care.

    Alessandro Fusco

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  • special terms on international payments
  • profitable currency exchange rates
  • dedicated account manager

What you get with Finom

  • IBAN in just 24 hours
  • Free physical & virtual cards
  • Up to 3% cashback
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Accounting software integration
  • Simple yet powerful invoicing
  • Expense management solution
  • In-cloud Document storage

Customer support with real-time care

  • Dedicated phone or video support
  • Response time less than 1 minute
  • Interactive Help Center available 24 hours

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Security First

  • Industry compliant

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliant

  • GDPR Compliance

    Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union

  • TLS protocol

    Data encryption prevents it from being stolen or intercepted

  • 3D Secure

    Confirm each online card transaction with a unique one-time password


  • Who we are/What is Finom?
    Finom is a Fintech company founded in 2019 and operating already across Europe. We offer financial services that combine a business account with multi banking and invoicing to help entrepreneurs and freelancers managing all their administration and finance in one place.
  • What is Finom business account?
    Our Finom business account is a payment account with IBAN, physical and virtual cards. It includes a wide range of traditional banking services plus some smart solutions to better manage your funds, such as invoicing integrated, categorization of the expenses, reconciliation, sub-accounts with dedicated IBANs and custom access for your accountant and coworkers. You can pre — order your Finom business account and get it forever free by following this link: https://app.finom.co/it/signup?fnm_promo=preordering. We will keep you posted on our launch date!
  • Can I use Finom if I don’t have a VAT number
    No, you can’t use Finom if you don’t have a VAT number. Finom is a financial service designed for SMEs, self-employed, or freelancers who will have VAT numbers.
  • Do we have a mobile app?
    Yes! Finom has a very cool mobile app available for iOS and Android. To download it on your device you will need to search «Finom Business». Alternatively, simply follow one of these links: If you have an Android device click here, if you have an iOS device click here. Finom app is compatible with Android 6.0 and up, and iOS 11.0 and up.
  • Can I register with more than one company?
    Yes! Finom has a multi-company option that allows you to connect as many companies as you like to your Finom account . Each company will need to have a separate subscription, which can be modified individually according to the exact needs.
  • Can I send or receive E-invoices?
    Finom is a fully compliant e-invoicing provider already choosen by thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs. With our service, you can create, send and receive e-invoices that will be transmitted first to the SDI, and then to the Agenzia delle Entrate in less than a minute and with no mistakes.
  • Do I have a local IBAN?
    Yes! When opening an account with Finom you will receive an Italian IBAN thanks to our collaboration with Solaris SE.
  • How safe is my money with Finom?
    Your money is in good hands with Finom, because we guarantee the highest level of security.

    We owe this primarily to our strong and reliable partnership with Solaris SE, which are licensed IT bank based in Germany and passported to Italy. This means that your business account with Finom is protected by deposit insurance (up to € 100,000), which is granted in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws at the same level of a traditional bank.
  • Is my data safe with Finom?
    Finom protects your data and guarantees the highest level of security:
    • Finom has no access to your online login data and these are double-encrypted (the use of a one-time password, which has to be entered every time you try to log in, provides additional security).
    • All data transmissions are transmitted via TLS-encrypted channels and are therefore protected by end-to-end encryption. In addition, Finom is GDPR-compliant, which means that you can close your account at any time and revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. We do not save your data against your will or without your express consent
  • What licence does Finom use?
    In order to better manage your account and ensure you the highest level of security, Finom strongly make use of top in class partners in the area of financial services such as Solaris SE, a German licensed bank regulated by BaFin and Bank of Italy; Documi for the e-invoicing activity and conservation; and Klarna for multibanking services
  • What documents do I need to open an account?
    Regardless of whether you are a freelancer or represent a company, opening your Finom business account only takes a few minutes. Don’t forget that you will need:
    • Email address and password you used to pre-register (if you forgot, click on ’forgot password’)
    • Have your ID or passport ready to verify your identity
    • Don’t forget to keep all information about your business next to you
  • How can I withdraw funds from my account or make deposits into it?
    With a Finom business account, you have access to the same important services that a traditional bank account offers, such as: B. the ability to withdraw and deposit your money from the account. To make a deposit into your account, you can make a SEPA transfer from your current bank account. To make a withdrawal, you can use your physical Finom card at all European ATMs. Up to € 5,000 per month can be withdrawn free of charge.
  • Can I make only SEPA transfers, or are SWIFT payments also possible?
    A Finom business account enables you to carry out SEPA transactions. We cannot currently offer SWIFT transactions, but they will be supported in the future.